Cut & Paste is a team of young thoughtful professionals with high class international work experience, serving businesses around the globe, we started with a Graphic Designing institute and within  few months after marking the first signs of our success, we ventured into our dream project of kick starting our graphic and advertisement agency. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry and having served major businesses like JVC, Jeddah Hilton, Intercontinental, Spotmedia, Xenel Industries, Kodak, Expose 7 in (Jeddah, KSA) and other small and medium sized clients in the areas of Event Management, Graphic Designing, Advertisement, Website development, Content Development and Digital Marketing, we are a One-Stop Solutions Provider for your businesses.

    Cut & Paste is more than just a business; we are a dedicated empowerment agency. We have something to empower everyone with; whether you are an individual looking forward to becoming employable or a business yearning to create / grow your unique brand, we do it all.

    We are a dedicated team of professionals having worked in different countries of the world like the United Kingdom, UAE, Saudi Arabia and India. From identifying the needs of a start-up to delivering the wants of an industry giant, we know how to serve the needs of our clients aptly. Relax and be sure that you are being served by able hands!



    Mir Sae'id

    (Head - Marketing & Operations)




    Saair Ahmad

    (Head - Technology & Training)




    Irfan Ali

    Founder & Head

    (Creative & Finances)



Thank you Cut & Paste for coming to my rescue. My favorite thing about Cut & Paste is that their services are tailored to customer's needs and they are always there to assist you even with the smallest of things related to your website. Very quick and reliable. I'm very happy with the services.


Sonya Mathais (http://foodiestiffin.com/ )



Mumbai, India


Hi, My name is Julie, I am the owner of Priceless Digital Media. A graphic Designing business based in United States. I am in business for about 24 years & I am proud to say that Cut & Paste is an associate of my business. I want to talk to you little bit about my hiring process. As I look at Graphic Designers to hire in my business. Hands on experience is what I am looking for and I can really recommend you that Cut & paste Design Class will really give you an hands on experience you need to learn for the Graphic Designers position


Julie Price


(President Priceless Digital Media USA

You deserve this appreciation from us in letter & spirit. We have been working with you from past one year now & it gives me tremendous Joy to proudly acclaim that our experience of working with you has been quite excellent. Cut & Paste is a thoroughly  professional  company with a superior customer focus. You  have always adhered to the deadlines & gone out of the way in satisfying & meeting our exact requirements. As a person, Mr Irfan, we respect you a lot for your integrity, helpfulness, understanding & kindness. Me on the behalf of True-vet, wish you all the best for your future, & I sincerely hope that you will continue to work with us for all the times to come.


Dr Fayaz Ganie


(Director- Exports)

Mob: +91 7298515188

Truevet Animal Nutrition Pvt Ltd






Regardless of what kind of graphic design help you might be looking for,Our team can lend a hand.


Logo Design | Print Design  |  Website Design  |  Brand Identity Designs  |  Promotional Design  |  Info-graphics


Interactive A/V is the most engaging and expressive form of content. Not only is a fun way to engage your audience, but it is also the strongest way to send a clear, concise and accurate message across to your consumers. Whether it is TV, Radio or in-store advertising content, we prepare it all. We also have a specialized cell for making documentary movies.


At Cut & Paste, we believe that A/V content is the strongest forms of content that can make your sales pitch stand it from the rest in your sales meetings. Also, there is no other alternative to using A/V content to have a mass reach where 100000’s of people can be engaged simultaneously at the same time without barriers of geography.  We have a number of highly satisfied clients who booked our video and audio content development services.



Creating a new page on your site is like taking a really great selfie. You want the world to see it and bask in its brilliance, but you don’t want to beg for attention (or worse, pay for it). That’s why for selfies and landing pages, well-placed social media posts can make all the difference. A killer content strategy for SEO is the most important part of earning top spots in search engine rankings, but driving traffic to your optimized pages will cause them to climb much faster in the search engine results pages (SERPs).


From business cards to your website – we’ve done it all. We can provide any type of print  graphics to promote your business.

Be it traditional marketing or the in-vogue cost effective digital form of marketing, a brochure is of utmost importance. It is a small space where you can showcase your services and achievements to earn the trust of your potential customers.


At Cut & Paste, we design brochures and catalogs with ultimate sophistication and competitive prices. Although our designing charges are lower than any other agency in the region, we still do it better than others out in the market. With strong copywriters, your catalogue and brochures will stand out in the crowd. We have provided brochure designing services to many industries including education, travel, hospitality, IT and healthcare just to name a few. We do not give up on the designs until you are 100% satisfied with your material.


A product launch ceremony, Showcase, Business Meeting or  any other event, there are certain factors which can ensure its success. Our team has worked with numerous International associations to implement strategic changes to their events in order to address many of the issues. So let us focus on your event so you can focus on your association.









With Over 3 billion websites on Google alone, making sure the visitors find your site is a tough challenge. Competition is fierce for the top listings, yet without regular visitors your site might as well not exist. Our proven and effective tactics are bound to  boost the number of visitors to your website in a short span of time.

Hiring the services of website design experts is an investment rather than an expense, as it generates substantial profits for your business. After your website has been established, and the website design is complete, your website will be optimized to improve visibility on the search engines. There are a number of systems intended to provide SEO content for your website, quality links and also utilize Meta tags effectively. Many web hosting firms will also enhance your website rankings enabling a chance to obtain a constant number of daily visits.














Probably the most important benefit of being a Graphic Designer is the ability to express your creativity, while still earning a great living from home. Many artists are moving towards graphic design because it’s easier to make a living as a graphic designer. Learn to create rich multimedia content for print or TV ads, visually appealing websites, logos for advertisements, Millions of jobs are available through online portals for creative designers. You not only work from home or anywhere but get paid as per the International standards. Cut & Paste trained Graphic Designers are already working as freelancers and some of them are hired by International Companies outside India.

Editing is an art where you learn to differentiate the wheat from chaff. It's an art form which requires great visual sense-in motion and tones of patience and a fine tuned ear. It's the editor who aligns thousands of shots and sound bites, in a particular order, so as to literally pour flesh and blood in the otherwise footage on celluloid or on a tape. Each film or a video is a fresh challenge. Editor can create a virtual new reality. The Center will encourage the students to have as much working experience as students demand. You'll also learn the power of storytelling through screen grammar, the cut, and the use of effects and transitions. With enough number of consoles offering various state of the art editing platforms this will be one of its kind of a courses. Increased number of Production Houses demand for more professionals in Media Industry. The course is structured to provide an advanced knowledge related to movie editing.

CAD is one of the revolutionary software programs popular in the world of design and manufacturing. It used to be that designers and engineers hand drew their designs, which was time consuming to say the least. Now, with computer aided design, time is saved as well as money. Countless industries are using CAD programs, some of these are; automotive, architectural, fashion and many types of manufacturing companies. There is a lot of competition out there today, and companies need to do everything possible to stay competitive with their competition. They need to work more efficiently and cost effectively, all while beating their competition to the market. CAD software is helping them do just that. CAD is one of the most recognized computer aided design software in the world.

MS Office Advanced level - Global Package with data migration


Learn Office package at an advanced level especially fabricated to suit your office and business needs. Learn tips and tricks from an  UAE returned expert.

Computer Fundamentals - Hardware & Software

Having strong basic knowledge means the strong foundation of your professional career. Learn both Software and Hardware principles of computers



Be a complete Accountant and learn tally from a reputed professional at our center.


All I would say is that Cut & Paste Skills Development  Center is more of an opportunity and the people out there who are interested in any kind of designing and artworks of computers, come and be a part of this skill development center, create a future of your own filled with fame, contentment and success – And, make History!


...Sundas Fazili


Cut & Paste has empowered me with the skills unmatched like any other in Kashmir. Thats why a short duration course in Graphic Designing explored my hidden potential and presently I am in UAE proving successfully my metal - Alhamdulillah


Sameer Bhat - UAE ( +971524371472)


Cut & Paste  is awesome

I realized the importance when i was paid  handsomely for VFX project.


 Syed Abid



I am proud to say that Cut & Paste is an associate of my business.


Julie Price

(President Priceless Digital Media USA)



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If you think creatively and develop new design concepts, Join our team


We are always in need  for creative graphic designers, video editors & web developers with up-to-date knowledge to interpret our clients needs and to design solutions with high visual impact. You will work on a variety of products including Application designs, websites, videos, digital publications, books etc. If interested, please mail your up-to-date profile with work samples to irfan@cutandpaste.co.in


C & P never ceases to inspire with the quality


Tired of the monotonous style,

Had no change all this while?


Your worries have come to end

As cut and paste has an artistic blend.


Cut and Paste delivers a creative concepts, outstanding visuals, incredible design and an excellent ability to translate business ideas into relevant and thrilling images with artistic standpoint. C & P never ceases to inspire with the quality.


Highly recommended.



...Sheikh Birjees Firdous


Cut & Paste shows off new direction to Youth!


Cut & Paste Skills Development Center is to be pretty precise, an institution where raw talent gets skilled, opportunities and more than enough resources which make way for expertise, hold and professionalism in every aspect of rapidly growing technology in the world of computer sciences. Quoting a great scholar, “ when excellence and hard work meet, they result in pure and conquering success. “ Cut & Paste” is one such place where a person gets an international platform to prove his/her mettle & create a self identity. Cut & paste enhances one’s skill, broaden the horizon of one’s ideas and creativity. It not only teaches and guides a student but makes sure that the student is benefited economically by his or her particular field of expertise. Budding youngsters who are willing to learn this surprising field of science, in my opinion, cant find a better place than this to have a bright and secure future and that too economically pretty much affordable.

In a place like Kashmir where people still rely on resources provided outside the valley for numerous computer designing works, Cut & Paste provides us with economic opportunities by transforming handwork and excellence in the form of young minds into success. In the slow going process of making our valley technologically advanced and bring it forward in the high competition of technology and development, Cut & Paste has contributed a huge proportion and till now has proudly achieved high milestones. Moreover, it has proved to the orthodox minded people in our society that the government jobs and high business establishments do not limit the path of success. People with different mastered skills have made a name of their own and achieved unimaginable success in their lives.

Concluding, all I would say is that Cut & Paste Skills Development Center is more of an opportunity and the people out there who are interested in any kind of designing and artworks of computers, come and be a part of this skill development center, create a future of your own filled with fame, contentment and success – And, make History!


...Sundas Fazili


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